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Hotel de Sade (2013)

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Directed By: Oman Dhas0 ]8 l7 c, i( Z# s
Written By: Story: Oman Dhas Ming Siu Goh# e% K& e' o( m
Released: 11 Jan 2013
6 V5 |) v" O4 N% M( zRuntime: 100 Mins
- `! e" W& w) o! }0 lGenre: Drama Horror Thriller4 ]" h' ?5 ~& V, ^! z3 ^. |) B) D
Alternate Titles: hotel 69( `& ?* {3 q4 z+ `; W7 [
Subtitles        # t5 y& e4 u# n% P
Internal:  English  German ; h3 o$ F2 i( G% {
6 P( U# p/ e3 T4 K0 e! J# Y
Believing that he killed his daughter instead of saving her from kidnappers, Zhang Li is dismantled. He finds himself lured to China seeking solace in pain and blood at Paradise Hotel where every carnal and beastly desire is satiated. With a savage boss, the terrifying Burnt Man at the helm of the underground brothel, no perversion is turned away.

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